Bank Transfer Housing Loan Application

There are two things people who use housing loans can do when they have difficulty paying their debts. One of them is a request for restructuring from the bank where the current debt is, and the other is for applying for the transfer of the loan to another person.

The structuring process is not advantageous for the consumer when the current bank does not fall for the current market interest rates. Therefore, you can apply for Great Credit Bank transfer housing loan in order to avoid high interest rates. We shared the interest rates and required documents to be applied in the transfer process in our article…

Great Credit Bank Transfer Mortgage Properties

Good Credit Bank Transfer Mortgage Properties

You can transfer or refinance your mortgage loan to Great Credit Bank at current rates. In particular, consumers who wish to reduce the installments of mortgage loans from another bank may benefit from this opportunity. With a maturity of up to 120 months, the bank can extend loans up to 80% of the appraisal value of the housing.

However, the loan amount is directly transferred to the other bank and your debt to that bank is closed. Although the mortgage is established on the real estate on which you use the loan, the bank can request additional collateral if it deems necessary. In addition, housing, earthquake and life insurance is made throughout the term of the loan.

Great Credit Bank Transfer Mortgage Interest Rates and Calculation

Good Credit Bank Transfer Mortgage Interest Rates and Calculation

The most important issue for consumers who apply for refinancing is what will be the new interest rates. Great Credit Bank applies interest between 1.05 % and 1.07% for the transfer mortgage. The reason for the variability of the interest rate is the length or shortness of the maturity to be selected for repayment. When calculating your payment plan, it is added to other expenses except interest rate, and there is your fixed installment amount and the total amount you will pay back.

In the case of the consumer’s advantage in the calculation of housing loans, Great Credit Bank prepares a repayment plan and asks the user about the payment frequency. You can specify whether you want to pay monthly or quarterly. If you accept these conditions, you can apply for refinancing.

Great Credit Bank Transfer Housing Loan Application

Good Credit Bank Transfer Housing Loan Application

The income document, identity card, photocopy of passport or driver’s license, application form and photocopy of the title deed of the purchased residence are the first documents you will be required by you.

On the other hand, self-employed members are required to obtain a membership certificate from the affiliated professional organizations and to submit a copy of this document. People who apply for refinancing as partners of legal entities are also required to photocopy the trade registry newspaper and / or newspapers in which the main agreement of the company is published.

How to apply for Great Credit Bank Transfer Housing Loan?

How to apply for Good Credit Bank Transfer Housing Loan?

When you have designated Great Credit Bank to transfer your existing debts, apply to the nearest branch. You can speed up the application process if you take your income document, identity and title deed photocopy which is required in the first step.

To make the application, you just need to declare that you want to transfer a mortgage loan to the customer representative. The second stage is the evaluation of your application. Your application will be evaluated by the branch authorities according to the policy work of the bank and you will be given a positive or negative feedback.

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