How to Configure Credit Card Debt

Great Bank has launched a new debt restructuring program for credit card debtors. This application, called Combining Consumer Loan, is expected to provide a major advantage for people who have difficulty paying credit card debts. With this Unifying Consumer Loan, it is aimed at balancing the indebtedness level of people who owe Great Bank or other banks and manage their income better.

Great Bank officials said in a statement, the loan is not a consumer loan alternative, the people who will be given credit should have difficulty in paying and the purpose of closing the credit card debt was said.

Great Bank Credit Card Debt Restructuring Application Requirements

Good Finance Bank Credit Card Debt Restructuring Application Requirements

In 2019, Great Bank offers people who have difficulty in paying their card debts and whose debts are delayed, a payment plan appropriate to their income and the opportunity to combine debt under favorable conditions. This new application, also known as Great Bank’s credit card closure loan, can be applied to customers who have difficulty in paying off Great Bank’s credit card debt, as well as other bank customers. Debts, which include the use of cash advances as well as credit card expenses, can be paid more easily with this application.

Great Bank Restructuring NPL 2019

Good Finance Bank Restructuring NPL 2019

The most important requirement of Great Bank’s debt closure loan is that the applicant has not been followed up by the bank where the applicant is a credit card customer. The person applying to the Combining Consumer Loan must have made the minimum payment of the credit card debts or should not have pursued even if they did not make the minimum payment. In addition, if the applicant has previously signed a configuration agreement with the bank where he used the credit card for the card debts, the loan request is not met.

Great Bank Debt Restructuring 2019

Good Finance Bank Debt Restructuring 2019

The total credit card debt of the people who apply for the Great Bank’s debt closure loan is taken into consideration and evaluated according to their monthly income. In other words, people applying for a Unifying need loan must have a regular monthly income and document it. If the applicant’s income is insufficient, a guarantor can be requested.

The documents requested from the applicants are as follows:

  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Output of SSI registration and service breakdown received from e-government
  • At least 3 months’ payroll and signature circular taken from work place

Consolidating Needs The bank or banks to which the person applying for the loan is in control. Great Bank can view the information of people with credit card debt through the system and directly closes the credit card debt through the system. No payment is made to the people whose application is accepted.

Direct debit is made to the credit card that people owe and credit card or cards in related banks are closed down. Great Bank’s credit card is defined for customers whose credit cards are closed for use according to their income and if they meet the appropriate conditions.

In addition, those who have individual loan debt or those who fall into legal follow-up of individual loan debt cannot benefit from Great Bank’s credit structure. Likewise, it is not possible to benefit from this application for commercial loans.

Great Bank Loan Structuring Interest Rates

Good Finance Bank Loan Structuring Interest Rates

The Central Bank announces the highest interest rate that banks can apply to their credit cards every 3 months. The highest shopping interest rate to be applied for the first quarter of 2019 was 2.25% monthly and the delay interest rate was 2.75% monthly. The interest rate of Great Bank in this restructuring is much more advantageous than the current monthly interest rates. Providing a more favorable interest rate, Great Bank applies a monthly interest rate of 1.10% up to 24 months and 1.20% up to 60 months.

This loan, which is provided by Great Bank at low interest rates, aims to ease the interest burden and the main money burden on individual customers who have difficulty paying credit card debts.

How to apply for a Great Bank Combining Consumer Loan?

How to apply for a Good Finance Bank Combining Consumer Loan?

People who wish to apply for Great Bank’s debt closure loan and meet the necessary conditions must apply to Great Bank branches in person. Cannot apply via phone or internet.

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