ACLC enters retail market with launch of sustainable fund for ex-Newton manager

CCLA Investment Management is the latest player to join the UK retail market with the launch of its Better World Global Equity Fund.

Launched with £230million in seed capital, the UK-domiciled Ucits is a huge hub in its wheelhouse of work with charities, local authorities and the Church of England.

The company said it was motivated to launch the fund following requests from “certain directors” of its charitable clients “wanting to invest their personal money in CCLA’s strategies”.

It will be managed by co-heads of investments Charlotte Ryland and James Ayre. Ryland joined CCLA from EFG in 2016 and previously worked for Newton Investment Management for 15 years, managing global equities and multi-asset segregated mandates for large UK and international clients. Ayre joined ACLC in 2007 and was previously an investment analyst at Santander Asset Management.

The Better World Global Equity Fund will reflect CCLA’s global equity strategy, in that it will invest in quality global companies with strong long-term business models, cash flow generation positive available funds that are well positioned to benefit from secular trends.

The fund is immediately available to wealth managers and the company is working to make it accessible via direct-to-consumer and intermediaries platforms.

“Good investment”

JP Morgan Asset Management and Artemis alum Jasper Berens (pictured) joined the ACLC in October 2021 as Head of Client Relations and Distribution.

He was tasked with helping the company expand beyond its nonprofit clientele into the broader wealth, middleman and retail market.

“This offering will appeal to investors looking for strong performance combined with a genuine and genuine approach to ESG and sustainable investing,” he said.

ACLC is a founding member of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and says it has a long track record of “promoting positive change for a better world”.

Berens added: “The ACLC is different in that our approach to sustainability applies to everything we do and not just at the level of an individual fund. This allows us to have a greater positive impact. This is what we call a “good investment”.

CCLA Executive Director Peter Hugh Smith said, “For more than 60 years, CCLA has brought its ‘good investment’ philosophy to the not-for-profit sector. This means we use our voice to engage with business and government decision makers on important issues.

“We are launching conversations that translate into real progress on the world’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to human rights and good governance. And we’re bringing the investment industry with us because the power of collaboration is enormous.

“Majority-owned by our funds, ACLC’s interests are aligned with those of our clients, clients who have relied on us for decades to generate a financial return that enables their good work and to do so in a manner aligned with their community values.”

Hugh Smith added: “We are therefore delighted to bring our good investment approach to individuals so that together we can invest to create a better world for today and for the next generation.”

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