After tearing up his savior Tom Brady, Antonio Brown threatens Alex Guerrero in a tweet that Twitter deleted for breaking its rules

But none of us should have thought it would end there. Brown is nothing if not a petulant child of arrested development. And like any toddler, their temper tantrums won’t stay focused on a single target. If mom says he can’t buy impulsive candy at the cash register, it’s not just the lack of Snickers he’s going to be mad about. His meltdown is going to include the fact that mom never gives him anything and dad is mean and his face is stupid and he hates shopping and the whole store has boogers.

Thus, Brown’s attacks are never just aimed shots. He sprays verbal bullets in all directions. And when he shoots Brady, he’s always going to turn his nose up at Brady’s trainer, business partner, flexibility guru and best friend, Alex Guerrero. Or at least try, if we rate on the spelling, punctuation, and grammar curve.

And in Guerrero’s case, it’s not exactly collateral damage. These two have a story. As Clem detailed earlier this year:

Like many of Brady’s teammates, Brown signed up for a TB12 Fitness membership, which includes treatments from Guerrero. And that also includes a fee that could get you 10,000 memberships to Planet Aptitude. (Although to be fair, I’m not sure about Lunk’s politics of TB12.) After quitting/getting kicked off the Tampa roster, Brown texted Guerrero, demanding a refund of the $100,000 he he felt he had to.

Which he mentioned again following this Tweet addressed to Brady:

Here is the text of the follow-up Tweet, which was deleted by Twitter:

Alex Guerra You think I won’t snap you at TB12 boy stop playing with me! Boy paid in dollars and taking players’ money too

— AB (@AB84) August 17, 2022

I’m not totally fluent, but I speak a little conversational Twitter. So if I can translate:

Hi Alex Guerrero. Don’t you think I forgot our old arrangement and the $100,000 rightfully owed to me. Because I didn’t. I am of course aware of your TB 12 Fitness store location and can be there to discuss this issue until it is resolved. With my lawyers, if necessary. I would also like to point out the obvious conflict of interest involving you being on the Buccaneers payroll, while at the same time being an independent contractor, taking on Tampa players as clients in your business. It’s also very unethical – to say the least – for your business partner to be the most important person in the organization, giving them the power (if not the authority) to grant favorable treatment for teammates who pay such exorbitant fees for your services. Create a situation where they feel obligated to pay these attrition costs, otherwise they risk being sidelined, demoted, or outright liberated in favor of a competing player who joins. In the name of myself and the rest of the team at large, this is an outrage. And I ask to be fairly compensated. Good day to you sir.

-Antonio Brown, August 17, 2022

Or words to that effect.

Can’t believe I’m about to say this about a Tweet from Antonio Brown for the second day in a row. (I’m going to hurt tomorrow.) But “spankings” and veiled threats aside, Brown has a point.

This whole arrangement between Brady and Guerrero and the team ultimately cost him a relationship with the Patriots that had worked very well for both parties for about 17 years. Until the conflict of interest turns into a real conflict. The flexibility war was waged over it. Guerrero exceeds its limits. Giving players medical advice that contradicted what the team’s coaching staff and its $2 million annual budget recommended. Act like he’s on the payroll, with full access to team facilities, instead of just working with Brady. And when you consider the implicit pressure on players to either listen to the team paying their salaries or pay a substantial part of that salary to the quarterback’s private business interest, the whole situation has become untenable. No matter how successful the partnership between Brady, Bill Belichick and the Krafts is, you can’t allow any player — even your franchise player — to run what, from afar, looks like a crowd-protection racquet. That’s a really nice hamstring you got here, kid. It would be such a shame if it were to pull you in and put you under IR. …

Again, I think that’s kind of what Brown wanted. Although I may be just projecting. But AB has 100,000 reasons to keep making this point. And no NFL contract to worry about, so he can say whatever he wants as long as it doesn’t violate Twitter rules. I guess he’s just starting to warm up. So hang in there. It’s gonna get even uglier, real quick.

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