Factor Price Frontier

Recover the cost of spreading

Auckland is currently in the midst of a massive construction boom with permits reaching a new all-time high in August with just under 20,000 issued in the past 12 months. Most of these permits are in the existing urban area, but as Auckland’s population has grown so has its urban …

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How can we generate more good jobs in developing countries?

How should employment policies in developing countries react to the new model of structural change?The “Kuznets paradigm” for jobs and structural change no longer holds. Kuznets expected the workforce to gradually shift from informal agriculture to better jobs with higher productivity and wages in well-organized formal manufacturing and (eventually) services. …

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Investing is more than just risk and return

I recently wrote an article on my “too hard” stack – Charlie Munger’s term for investments that are too complicated to fit into Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio of companies. Some people collect more investments and build more complex portfolios as they gain experience and assets. I’m trying to take Munger’s initiative …

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