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What to know before investing in Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap just after Bitcoin in the market. The founders claim that Ethereum is a decentralized financial system built on the blockchain, and not just a means of exchanging or storing value on the internet. The article below will provide basic information about …

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Why you spend so much money on NFT

NFTs are having a record year. From a multitude of record-breaking sales to celebrity interest, non-fungible tokens – unique pieces of data stored on blockchain ledgers, often in the form of digital artwork – have taken 2021 by storm. Transaction volume for NFTs jumped more than 700% to $ 10.7 …

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Alternative energy market | Global and regional analysis

Alternative energy Alternative Energy Market describes an in-depth assessment and study of the Covid19 epidemic on the present and future state of the Alternative Energy market across the world, including valuable facts and figures. Alternative Energy Market provides information on emerging market opportunities and upcoming market drivers, trends and technologies …

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