Ep. 291: How a People-Oriented Attitude Creates Business Success (with Scott Griffin)


If what you give is valuable, it is a gift and no one rejects a gift

Who should listen: This episode is for anyone looking for a way to give new meaning to their career and, in doing so, to rejuvenate and re-engage in their version of success.

Key idea: Your happiness can be found by helping others find theirs.

Action item: 1. Bring joy to someone in your life today. 2. Create a vision board. 3. Introduce yourself to someone.

Scott is the founder and CEO of Scott Griffin Financial, a mortgage brokerage in Los Angeles, a past president of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals, a television host and personality, and a guest on programs such as CNBC and Bloomberg. TV.

And the man is FULL OF ENERGY!

This week’s episode is such a great conversation from start to finish – you have to listen – but here we want to pull some of the constructive and inspiring thoughts Scott shared with us on some great topics.

Scott on success

“Success is finding ways to help others release their desires, and on the journey you find great joy when you figure out how to do it.”

“It’s hard to get what you want when you’re not fantasizing desire correctly first. I believe you can achieve your successes once you can start imagining things that you don’t have yet, and if you only had them, how much more fun life would be! “

“[Some people] repeat too often yesterday, and it is in the repetition of yesterday that we get the results of yesterday. What if that means we’re not number one or [in] a place we want to be, it means we’re not doing it the right way.

“There is an easier path to success when we don’t do it alone. I believe coaching is valuable.

Scott on business partnerships

“If you’re in the industry you love, find other passionate people. . . , and don’t just find them, pick up the phone and say hello.

“I like to think about others and the way we play together. . . I think partnerships, relationships, are what facilitate the business that we want to move forward. And so I make it my duty to create relationships.

Scott on rejection

“If you have an inner thought [that is] pure and. . . authentic to [yourself], and it has something to do with why you are calling another person,. . . and if [you] think about what’s for them before [you] think about what’s inside [you], and if what’s in it for them is truly precious, then guess who just became Santa Claus? And so, when you show up with a Santa Claus spirit, how do you reject a gift? Well you don’t! . . . You are not going to approach the person with the capacity to be rejected. Why? Because your inner thought isn’t thinking about what you can get out of the conversation. It’s about what you can give to the person you call. When you become that person, you are less likely to be afraid of being rejected.

Scott on the uncomfortable

“I have found that new beginnings occur within the uncomfortable itself, and the absence of the uncomfortable probably means you don’t get as daring as you are allowed to.”

Scott on relationships

“Focus on the relationship first, [and] that business be invited once the friendship has developed. If we go for the business first, it is often watched and there is nothing available.

Scott on appreciation

“The power of appreciation allows you to come into life on a different level, a higher level.”

“The more you are prepared to look in depth at the moments of life, the more you are available to appreciate the moments that you live.”

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