Flydocs signs agreements with Neos and Lufthansa Technik has announced the signing of a comprehensive five-year agreement with Neos to digitize records and asset management for its entire aircraft fleet of 15 aircraft. As part of this strategic partnership, flydocs will support the Italian airline with digital records management and technical services.

Neos, the first Italian airline to be certified under JAR OPS since its inception, will receive a seamless interface of enhanced flydocs integration with M&E’s leading software, AMOS, to support on-demand aircraft digital compliance and adopt a completely paperless approach to its records and asset management.

John Bowell, Commercial Director at flydocs said; “It is a great pleasure for us to partner with Neos, an airline with high-level operational capabilities, agile and committed to helping us create the best asset management software to meet the growing demands of the airline industry. Neos is committed to becoming paperless with flydocs and AMOS combined, to deliver improved operational efficiency. It is a privilege to be chosen as the asset solutions partner of choice in the aviation industry. In this trip, we look forward to working with them on the digital records management software.”

Ivan Albini, Continuing Airworthiness Manager at Neos, said: “We are committed to providing the best solutions to strengthen our business with the latest digitized technologies for our customers. Our airline and its aircraft operate under the strictest certification standards, which reflect the quality and reliability of the maintenance performed by the in-house technical department. With a diverse network, we constantly strive to provide the best services to our passengers. The alliance with flydocs, a global leader in digital records management, will add immense value as we will benefit from the digital capabilities they provide to drive cost savings and operational efficiencies. With this collaboration, we see a great opportunity to develop our digital infrastructure for smoother integrations.

Flydocs and Lufthansa Technik announce new collaboration
Flydocs and Lufthansa Technik have launched new rental asset management software. The new software will provide tailored metrics to continuously optimize leases and ensure a smooth and timely handover of aircraft to the lessor. In addition to preparing the aircraft and documentation for cost-effective disposal, it will also offer an aircraft assessment where the condition of the aircraft and its documents will be reviewed to minimize risk.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Bunting, Product Manager – Asset Management and Artificial Intelligence at flydocs said; “We are pleased to announce this latest strategic partnership with Lufthansa Technik. With our state-of-the-art technology, customers in the aviation community will not only be able to save money throughout the rental period, but also benefit from unparalleled control of any deviation from rental requirements. We have created a highly customizable, scalable and affordable flexible solution to meet the exact needs of simplified and automated fleet planning for leased or owned assets. The new application aims to reduce the effort and time required throughout the rental period while optimizing costs throughout the asset lifecycle to ensure contract compliance. At flydocs, we continuously develop innovative digital solutions together with Lufthansa Technik, which is one of the world’s leading aviation technical service providers.

Matthias Kuehlbauch, Head of Lease and Aircraft Asset Transition Services, Aircraft Engineering at Lufthansa Technik AG, said; “Selecting the right technology platform is crucial for our services to effectively scale our business model and thrive. flydocs is this powerful digital foundation for our business. By combining our expertise in Asset, Leasing and Transition Management at Lufthansa Technik Aircraft Engineering Services, flydocs helps us adapt process automation to meet changing business needs. Their professional developers offer a full range of digital solutions for carriers and lessors around the world. Lufthansa Technik Aircraft Engineering Service worked with flydocs to design this new product, which will help airlines reduce the huge costs of their leased aircraft and reduce effort at the end of the lease. Partnering with flydocs will accelerate digital innovation across our business functions, as they understand that professionals need to be able to rely on their industry partners for rental asset management. I believe that this great development will allow us to strengthen the positions of flydocs and us by facilitating the management of assets, rental and transition.

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