Forescout and First Health Advisory partner to help organizations mitigate IT, IoT, OT and IoMT risks

Partnership between Forescout Technologies and First Health Advisory creates an approach to connected asset risk management by automating technical data collection, risk mitigation and reduction measures for a healthcare organization’s entire network which encompasses IT, IoT, OT and IoMT assets.

Healthcare organizations’ networks are under constant attack and often lack the human capital to oversee the work needed to thwart a potential threat or attack with rapid response.

This challenge places increased emphasis on the need to obtain qualified external expertise to operationalize a program and execute ongoing risk assessments of assets across the network.

“Cybersecurity risk assessments for healthcare organizations are extremely time-consuming, static in nature, and mandated by regulatory requirements. Additionally, measures to mitigate assessment results and reduce risk are difficult to implement with the current shortage of cyber skills,” said Tamer Baker, Vice President, Global Health, Forescout.

“This partnership and new approach that combines intuitive risk assessment and automated mitigation technology will enable healthcare organizations to not only make risk assessments easier and faster to perform, but also free up resources. interns to support other critical aspects of the patient experience,” Baker continued.

The audit experience will also experience a major transformation through this new partnership. Organizations will have the ability to automate evidence collection and receive ongoing vulnerability mitigation and management support from First Health Advisory staff throughout the year.

“Our partnership offers the optimal solution that healthcare organizations are looking for – the right balance between a highly trained and multidisciplinary risk assessment staff with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, as well as a reliable cybersecurity platform capable to automate risk reduction actions,” said Will Long. , CSO of Corporate Security and Technology at First Health Advisory.

“We are excited about this collaboration and, together with Forescout, we look forward to helping more healthcare organizations improve their security posture,” Long continued.

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