How digital information management is transforming the residential sector

The use of digital technology and innovative processes has been propelled since the Covid-19 pandemic, with the move towards better management and automation of information for planning, design, construction and handover, as well than operation and maintenance, for the residential sector, explains Zutec

We see an industry realizing the benefits that digital technology brings to information and embracing it to build a better and more efficient built environment for all. The residential sector.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been an important enabler of digital transformation in construction and the built environment for many years. The UK BIM Framework has provided the current approach for implementing BIM. However, the journey to get there is evolving from a single focus around BIM to one that now encompasses thinking around the exchange of required information – not just model deliverables.

BIM tends to come into its own for large scale projects, offering a holistic and comprehensive approach to highly structured data for information management, with the added benefits of multiple use for standard designs, allowing it to be part of a larger process of standardization and automation. for a construction and across projects.

However, the future represents an opportunity to take stock and define information requirements aligned with current processes and standards, providing robust information that will truly benefit the project and the team, and get the most out of it. leveraging technology to improve the robustness of these requirements and moving to more automated workflows.

How can digital help the residential sector?

In hindsight, the benefits of BIM have always been more difficult to realize for small-scale residential projects, low-lot-count housing, for example, where the size and individuality of each project is different and variations in design layouts are more important. CAD models in residential construction can also be treated as a statement of intent rather than rigidity, as modifications are often required along the way.

With this mindset, the residential sector has taken a different (and perhaps slower) approach to digitization and while BIM may be part of the solution, there have been other information needs, the technology now playing a leading role in their delivery.

Not only can technology help define these information needs, providing a greater ability to improve the quality of information produced and shared, but it also addresses broader information management needs such as centralization, processing, workflows and information exchange, which is vital for this sector. .

Harnessing data and information in the right way leads to a better understanding of each residential project and asset, which ultimately improves building safety, performance and sustainability – and that’s where Zutec comes in.

From homebuilder, developer, contractor, and property owner and manager, Zutec enables BIM and beyond in one configurable platform, delivering broader and better construction information management that is accessible, available, accurate, and compliant. any time.

Why Zutec for the residential sector? From BIM to better information management

As we see information requirements become more extensive and complex, a cloud-based database with automated workflows within a common data environment (CDE) can simplify process while removing errors and ambiguities, and providing a better connection between requirements, project delivery and stakeholders.

This standardization of construction processes, as well as the centralization and visualization of information, data and reports, has become an essential requirement. Ensuring the right people have the right visibility into the right information on a project at the right time to make the best decisions is essential, which improves efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

As one of the first building technology companies in the world to achieve BSI KitemarkTM certification for BIM software, which represents the international ISO 19650 standard, Zutec not only brings structure to data, but can also structure inspections. and workflows, by centralizing information. , project management, and streamlined digital transfer all on one platform.

As a BIM-compliant CDE, it brings together 3D models, structured data (IFC/COBie) and project documentation under one roof, providing a single visual index of information and documents to form the record “as built” of a built environment to achieve. ISO 19650 compliance… but that’s not all.

Whether a team is in the office coordinating collision detection in models, in the field collecting photographic evidence of work performed for inspections, or responsible for scheduling maintenance activities from the asset register and handover digital, Zutec will provide a visual index (in 3D) to support a project team – supporting the collection of information on the full life cycle of a project or asset and providing a single source of truth.

CDE Zutec compatible BIM and beyond

The Zutec BIM solution, for example, offers great advantages in the planning phase and guarantees a smoother and more efficient progress of work on site. With a complete view of a project (as a digital twin), teams can fully visualize and monitor progress, as well as schedule maintenance if needed and highlight changes or concerns.

Information can also be managed, captured and updated in the field and assigned to 3D models, using real-time tools for greater accuracy. Data can be viewed directly on the spot using any device or in the office for convenience. And with a complete history of all assets, troubleshooting issues can be made easier.

Teams can directly enrich data directly and easily provide location information for inspections, update BIM objects with field data such as serial numbers, and add photographic evidence, which is geotagged to parcels, products and the materials used. Real-time data feeds also allow teams to continuously monitor asset performance to gain complete awareness and control throughout the building lifecycle.

As a fully configurable platform, it’s easy to maintain a digital golden thread of construction project information and capture the exact information and data needed to make informed, effective decisions as you go. the progress of a construction project. By centralizing information, teams can manage their entire project portfolio, from operational efficiency and productivity to configurable analytics to querying and reporting on asset data.

Zutec also offers off-the-shelf quality management solutions for Part L coating remediation. Now homebuilders and developers must demonstrate that new construction and retrofitted homes are constructed using the right materials, methods and technologies that meet standards with photographic evidence, Zutec can ensure teams stay ahead of the curve by having the right processes in place for compliance.

Complementing Zutec, our sister company Bond Bryan Digital can simplify information management requirements. As a leader in BIM information management and consultancy, work is centered around best practice (including the UK BIM framework and ISO19650) – setting out the detailed information requirements that clients want, when they want it. wish, eliminating complexity to provide reliable, robust and reusable information.

Additionally, Createmaster, another sister company of BuildData Group, can provide a full digital transfer service on top of the Zutec platform to allow your team to focus on high-value activities and not search for resources. information from subcontractors.

So whatever the size of your project, Zutec has an information and quality management solution for you. Contact us today [email protected]

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