MLC Asset Management expands its managed account offering

MLC Asset Management has expanded its range of managed account strategies to include conservative and high growth options.

The company said the expansion responds to the advisor market’s demand for more transparent and diverse solutions for clients. Premium model portfolios capture the return opportunities of active management, and value model portfolios manage costs through selected passive exposures, giving clients choice.

Managing Director of Direct Capabilities and Specialized Investment Services at MLC Jason Komadina said he has a long and deep history of helping advisors and their clients achieve their goals.

“The need for quality advice and the demands on advisors have never been higher. We are very excited to bring these new portfolios to market given the success we have had with our existing portfolios,” he explained. .

“Now the range includes conservative and high-growth options offering a full suite for advisors to use. We have taken the opportunity to align the naming convention of existing portfolios with industry standards, while conveying in a simpler and more transparent manner the nature of their expected risk.”

Additionally, accounts managed by MLC have grown to $500 million in less than two years. Komadina commented that this is testimony from a team of experts.

“We have a strong tradition of managing diversified multi-asset portfolios to deliver quality results to clients at a competitive price,” he said.

MLC added that its managed accounts were given an outstanding rating by independent research firm SQM Research, the only manager to receive this rating for multi-asset managed accounts nationwide.

MLC portfolio manager Anthony Golowenko said managed accounts continue to grow in popularity in Australia as they offer simplicity and scalability with direct investment ownership and transparency.

“They enable advisors to provide efficient and effective solutions to a broader client base, providing clients with an attractive way to gain exposure to a range of investments,” he explained.

“We build resilient portfolios using a forward-looking scenario approach. This focuses on the distribution of capital market returns, rather than point estimates, making them better positioned to weather future market uncertainties.”

The investment manager said it has more than $170 billion in assets under management and more than 100 investment professionals across 10 teams.

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