Omenkiller Boss Strategy and Tips

With over 100 patterns, Ring of Elden is FromSoft’s largest, most extensive and content-rich offering to date. With enemies ranging from the traditional dragon to aliens fallen from the far reaches of space, there’s something for everyone.

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However, it is not necessary to kill all the bosses to win the game, and a number can simply be found hiding in the overworld, waiting for an unsuspecting tarnish to wander into their lair. The Omenkiller is one such boss, found in the game’s second main area and as part of the Nepheli Loux questline – it’s one you won’t want to miss.


Omenkiller Overview

Located in the western corner of Liurnia, the Omenkiller is at the end of an area known as Albinauric Village. This area is important for two key questlines in Elden Ring, including the story of Nepheli Loux and your quest to reach the Haligtree. Indeed, this area has some serious lore implications, including showing our good friend Gideon that he’s not that great.

The boss itself can be tricky if you’re not prepared. Having limited attacks but high damage, the Omenkiller decides it’s best to outnumber you, bringing a number of canine enemies with it to ruin your day. However, if you lend some help and learn this boss’ very limited moves, the fight can be overcome with relative ease, rewarding you with runes and a useful talisman.

Location Albinauric Village
Optional Yes
Summons Yes
Drops 4,900 runes
Crucible Knot Talisman
Weak To Bleed

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There are two main tactics for dealing with this masked enemy.

Remote approach

For a ranged approach, enter the boss arena and take the dogs out first, locking them to the right side of your screen. It’s vital to eliminate these canine enemies, as they will interrupt your arrows or spells with their fast attacks. Once done, focus on the Omenkiller, countering its attacks as explained above.

Overall, once you have the timing on his very limited moveset, this fight can be won pretty quickly. If you’re having trouble or just want to level the playing field, you can invoke your spiritual ashes and Nepheli Louxa ghost NPC, in this boss fight.

The arena is filled with debris, including a fire pit, and is very dark, so be aware of your surroundings to avoid falling out of the area.

Melee approach

The melee approach is slightly more complicated and is likely to cause you much more damage than the ranged route. Just like the distance approach, do the quick work of dogs as soon as you enter the arena.

Following this, stay close to the boss when he uses melee, cycling through his attacks to gain an advantage. When using his flame breath, create distance from the boss. Again, if you want to level the playing field, summon it to your heart’s content. As a melee user, bleeding is more readily available to youcheck your weapon collection and try to use one with the status effect – the Omenkiller is collapsing from the buildup of bleeding.

Again, be careful not to fall out of the arena, this will force you to go around again to the start of the village.

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General tips

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