Peggy Carter Just Became Marvel’s Most Valuable Superhero

When Captain Carter awakens after 80 years, the world’s most powerful nations fight to use the first super soldier as their own trump card.

Warning: Contains an outline for Captain Carter #1

The most powerful nations in the world compete Peggy Carter in the new from Marvel Captain Carter mini-series by Jamie McKelvie, Marika Cresta and Erick Arciniega. When she wakes up in the present after being frozen during World War II, the titular heroine is the world’s most wanted military asset.

This new Marvel Comics series is based on the episode of the Marvel Studios animated series What if…? which showed an alternate reality in which Peggy Carter becomes the first super soldier to fight the Nazis and Hydra during World War II. Although not a direct continuation of the What if…? episode, Captain Carter will explore Peggy’s life in an unknown new world when thawed from ice, much like what happened to Steve Rogers in the original Marvel Comics timeline, and must adapt to it while fighting to protect people like she did it during the war.


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A preview shared by Marvel shows that Captain Marvel’s early days in the contemporary world aren’t easy. At a high-ranking meeting, Peggy’s “status” is discussed by representatives of world powers. The US government wants Captain Carter to come to the United States because she is “a matter of national security.“The British representative argues that Peggy was only seconded to an American division during the war and that she remains a British citizen, so she must return home. The Russians also make a claim based on territoriality (the body Peggy’s frozen was probably found near Russian waters, even though the preview doesn’t explicitly say so), it’s a difficult situation with rising tensions, and it’s only defused with the timely intervention and bossy Peggy.

It is evident that the great powers regard Captain Carter as a military asset, with the U.S. Representative defining her as “an American military innovation.While Peggy makes it clear (by punching a hole in the chart) that she doesn’t intend to be treated as a tool, the show’s setting still sets the stage for an interesting take on superpowers. Captain Carter wakes up 80 years after the war in a different world from the main Marvel timeline, where superpowered beings came to prominence from the 1960s and had time to establish a sometimes difficult but always stable relationship with governments , nations and military forces. Captain CarterIn Peggy’s world, Peggy will likely become a target for those who want to control her or replicate the Super Soldier Serum technology for military purposes.

Captain Carter’s life won’t be easy, as she tries to avoid being used as a government asset while struggling to adjust to a world completely alien to her, where her friends and loved ones are long dead. . To see how Peggy will fare, readers should check out Marvel’s Captain Carter #1 when it comes out on March 9.

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