Toyota Tacoma is Best Pickup Truck in 1 Important Area

The Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup truck has many possible attributes. This includes its off-road capabilities, durability, a plethora of driver assist technologies and many different configuration choices. However, there’s one important area where the Tacoma is the best pickup: damping.

Toyota Tacoma has lower damping than other pickups

Toyota Tacoma 2023 | Toyota

The Toyota Tacoma not only has the lowest depreciation for any pickup truck, but it also retains its value more than any other vehicle. After three years of ownership, the Tacoma has a depreciation rate of 21.93%, as detailed by Zutobi. In comparison, the other best low damping pickups are the Ford F-Series and Ford Ranger. Both the F-Series and the Ranger lose 24.48% of their value after three years.

When buying a pickup truck, depreciation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering truck buyers. Things like design, engine power, towing, reliability, safety, and price are more common considerations. However, depreciation is also an important factor. This is especially the case as people keep their cars longer. And when selling or trading in the Tacoma, you’ll get more money on average compared to other pickups.

Which vans have the lowest depreciation rate?

Side view of the 2023 Toyota Tacoma, highlighting Toyota's new small truck that might be better than the Ford Maverick

Toyota Tacoma 2023 | Toyota

The Toyota Tacoma is the best pickup in terms of damping. Overall, pickup trucks depreciate less than other cars. In Zutobi’s study, six of the 10 most depreciated vehicles are trucks. Besides Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-Series, Ford Ranger, this includes Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tundra.

Here are the 10 cars with the lowest three-year depreciation rates. Vans are highlighted in bold:

  1. Toyota Tacoma: 21.93%
  2. Ford F-Series: 24.48%
  3. Ford Ranger: 24.48%
  4. Tesla Model 3: 24.79%
  5. Nissan frontier: 25.15%
  6. Chevy Colorado: 25.49%
  7. Toyota RAV4: 25.97%
  8. Mazda3: 26.31%
  9. Toyota Tundra: 26.87%
  10. BMW X3: 27.02%

Which cars have the highest depreciation rate?

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Zutobi also listed the cars with the highest depreciation rate. The car losing the greatest percentage of its value is the Kia Sorento SUV – with a whopping 55.16% depreciation rate after three years. The Sorento is followed by the Chevy Trax crossover SUV (50.31%) and the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class luxury SUV (48.85%). No van is on Zutobi’s list of cars with the highest depreciation.

Here are the 10 cars with the highest three-year depreciation rates:

  1. Kia Sorento: 55.16%
  2. Chevy Trax: 50.31%
  3. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class: 48.85%
  4. Buick Encore GX: 47.71%
  5. Chevy Express: 45.80%
  6. Chevy Equinox: 44.91%
  7. Lexus ES: 44.21%
  8. Nissan Sentras: 43.61%
  9. Buick Envision: 43.53%
  10. Nissan Altima: 43.21%

When it comes to damping, the Toyota Tacoma is the best pickup truck. It also retains its value more than any other vehicle. Considering the very high inflation these days, a truck with low depreciation like the Tacoma translates to an even greater return on investment.

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