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Craig Howell DISCUSSIONS – Weirton council members and other city officials met in a working session on Monday to continue discussions on potential sites for a public safety facility project. City Manager Mike Adams, left, reviews some information with, seated, Ward 4 Councilor George Ash, Director of Utilities Butch Mastrantoni and Council Members Chris Jonczak and Terry Weigel. Ward 3 Councilor Fred Marsh, far left, is also pictured.

WEIRTON – Weirton’s council has narrowed its options to two possible sites for a proposed public safety facility, and will soon turn its attention to how the project will be funded.

The council and other city officials met in a working session Monday evening to continue discussions on the project, which would see the development of a new facility for the Weirton Police Department.

“We’ve been working on it for a year now” Ward 7 Councilor Terry Weigel said. “We’re pretty much in a few places. All the other sites that we have virtually excluded.

The property in the area of ​​the Cove Road, Weir Avenue and Lee Avenue intersections, currently owned by the Frontier Group of Companies, received particular attention on Monday. The 2.8 acre site was designated as C-1. Council also discussed Option E-2, which would involve the use of the parking lot north of the Edwin J. Bowman baseball field.

Council spent over an hour discussing aspects of each site, including the potential impacts of an industrial access road project near Site C-1, and the costs of relocating utility lines. and a possible parking project for site E-2.

Utility lines, for example, could add more than $ 500,000 to the project, according to utility manager Butch Mastrantoni, who reviewed a map with several board members showing current and possible future paths.

Officials estimate that construction in the existing parking area, as proposed under E-2, would result in the loss of 159 parking spaces in the municipal square, Ward 2 Councilor Chris Jonczak proposing the development of ‘a new parking area behind the Mary H. Weir Public. Library to bring a little relief.

City officials are also uncertain whether there would be any costs associated with acquiring the Frontier Group’s C-2 site.

Ward 6 Councilor Enzo Fracasso said the costs associated with the project could end up being the determining factor.

“This is what it all comes down to” said Fracas. “How much are we prepared to spend beyond the building itself?” “

Council had previously discussed the feasibility of constructing the proposed facility at the Bowman Field site. Several board members said on Monday that they felt the option was no longer on the table. A proposal that would have built the facility partly on the land and partly on the parking lot is also not considered.

Ward 3 Councilor Fred Marsh recommended City Manager Mike Adams to contact Frontier to verify a possible purchase price and to begin researching funding options to fund the project.

“This will be your next obstacle” he said, noting that he believes a consideration of payment options for the installation should be the focus of the council’s next workshop.

Together with representatives from Horne and King Architects, the council previously identified 16 possible sites in the city for the installation. Horne and King predicted that a 17,660 square foot main building could cost just over $ 7 million, with a carport and gun stand adding about $ 3 million more as a cost. basic.

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