Zoox Smart Data approaches 30 million online traffic connections for Q1 2022

– Zoox Smart Data (“Zoox”), a global provider of technology solutions that leverage big data to create customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, today announced its Internet traffic results for the first quarter of 2022. Customers connecting to hotel Wi-Fi networks Improved by Zoox reached just under 30 million connections, further showing the reach of hotels worldwide through their current targeted marketing efforts.

In the first three months of this year, Zoox saw a total of 29,786,114 hotel guest logins, of which 1,865,701 were first-time users of the Zoox network. The average connection time was 32 minutes and 95% were identified as using mobile devices.

Source: Zoox Smart DataSource: Zoox Smart Data
Source: Zoox Smart Data

“It’s amazing that we continue to see traveler numbers at this level,” said Sandy James, Business Development Manager – Hospitality at Zoox Smart Data. “We are proud to partner with so many leading hospitality and travel organizations to provide them with great insight into guest and customer data and allow them to better focus their strategic marketing efforts.”

Zoox offers organizations the ability to capture, augment and effectively use customer data to improve customer experience through a targeted marketing strategy. The big data company works with hotel organizations around the world, ranging from single properties to global brands and hotel management companies. In addition to hotels and gaming organizations, Zoox also works with a variety of property types, including restaurants, stadiums, airports, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, college campuses, and others. areas or places that allow customers or guests to access a Wi-Fi network.

“As we continue to see these connections grow, our customers have more opportunities to understand customer expectations and predict future behavior from the data our connections can provide,” James said. “I look forward to seeing the number of travelers continue to grow as we help our partners reach even more guests and customers this year.”

For more information, visit www.zooxsmart.com.

About Zoox Smart Data

Zoox Smart Data, established in 2010, is a global technology solutions provider that intelligently builds and monetizes Big Data customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks. With this unique capability, Zoox systematically creates high-value targeted marketing audiences and behavioral movement data to quickly monetize this asset and deliver immediate ROI. The Zoox Intelligent Data Platform provides big data integrations that enrich customer data to create more relevant campaigns and inform critical growth strategies, while the Zoox Media Platform offers targeted direct and programmatic advertising campaigns. This innovative approach has made Zoox a pioneer in the application of big data and artificial intelligence in various industry segments, such as hospitality, retail, transportation and other markets. Learn more at www.zooxsmart.com.

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